Plantation at Rayappanahalli

Firstly, I am thrilled to report that the survival rate of the saplings we planted at Rayappanahalli last year has been excellent; nearly 80% by my estimate.

Sapling from 2008

A few highlights from this year’s plantation drive at Rayappanahalli

* This time, we had a nice mix of saplings; Honge interspersed with fruit-bearing saplings that we procured from a nursery near Attibele.The Honge saplings were provided to us by the Forest Dept. of Chikkaballapur.

* The DFO of Chikkaballapur, Mr. Rajashekhar was present to oversee the operations.

* The lack of timely rains might mean that we have a lesser survival rate compared to last year.

* The saplings and the pitting costs for this initiative was borne by the advocates’ association and the Rotary Club of RMV.

* Mr.  Ashwath Reddy, the chieftain of the village, organized for a sumptuous breakfast and lunch for all volunteers. He’s been absolutely inspirational in the way he has supported us and more importantly, in the way he has rallied the village and ensured the survival of the saplings.

* And finally, thanks to the villagers of Rayappanahalli for putting up an awesome display of floor gymnastics for us. I’m baffled at the tricks they performed, all on a muddy road!



One Response to Plantation at Rayappanahalli

  1. naveen kumar.r.a(2ndMBBS) says:

    thanks to the organisers of this programme on behalf of my villagers

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